The Redlands Charitable Resource Coalition is deeply grateful to those men and women who have served in the military. It is not just Americans who owe a deep sense of gratitude to each one of them, but also the rest of the world, where Americans have been sent to broker peace.


Our country has many programs in place to help veterans. There are too many to list here. But many veterans have found that dealing with the rather significant bureaucracy of the various government programs can be daunting. Many give up, or they never find all the resources.


At the Blessing Center, you will find:


  • Links to both the VA and community outreach resources
  • Community outreach to the VA healthcare system
  • Housing options for homeless veterans or those at risk of homelessness
  • Assistance to obtain stability


As a means to assist our veterans to find their way to the help available to them, the Blessing Center has established a person who will assist veterans and their families with issues pertaining to housing, job training, and mental health. This help is available whenever the Blessing Center is open. Vets should call the Blessing Center to make an appointment with Gregory, the coordinator of the program. The Map location is 2.


                                                                                                              Blessing Center

                                                                                                              760 E. Stuart

                                                                                                              Redlands, CA 92374